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ALLGATES Automation have 25 years experience of installing a wide range of entry systems across Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire.

The following entry systems provide guidance for allowing invited persons entry through automatic swing gates and preventing unauthorised access to others.

Audio, Video & GSM Entry Systems

Audio and Video intercom systems let you both see and speak to visitors from the safety of your home before allowing them access.

An entrance speech / camera monitor at the gate position links back to an internal handset or handsets inside the house. A release button on the handset opens the gates. This type of intercom can be hardwired, or supplied as a wireless system enabling you to walk around with a cordless phone.

GSM intercom systems utilise your existing landline and mobile phone to enable gates to be opened wherever you are.

Video Entry SystemsVideo Entry Systems
Audio Entry SystemsAudio Entry Systems
Remote Control

The general accepted way of entry for automatic gates is by remote control. A pulse from the hand held transmitter opens the gates and after a pre-determined time they automatically re-close.

Remote ControlRemote Control
Access Key Pad

For allowing entry to Trade and Delivery persons. The keypad is mounted at the gate position and is coded to be programmed at certain times of the day for Trade and Delivery persons to gain entry.

Access Key PadAccess Key Pad
Photo Cells

A photocell system can be used to provide entry/exit and safety to vehicles where it is not practical to install a loop detector. These are mounted on posts opposite each other and give out an infra red beam. The posts are positioned as pairs both inside and outside of the property. When a vehicle drives through the beam the gates open and close again automatically. This type of photocell can also be fitted between the gate posts/piers to provide for vehicle safety. When the beam is broken by the vehicle the gates are prevented from closing.

Photo CellsPhoto Cells
Loop Detector

Providing entry/exit and safety for vehicles. This is a coil of wire positioned under the road or driveway surface. When a vehicle passes over the entry or exit loop, the gates open and automatically re-close again. This type of loop can also be used for safety to vehicles passing through the gates opening. Positioned inside the gate swing area, when a vehicle is on the loop the gates will not close.

Hold Open Switch

For holding open the gates on a permanent basis for special occasions, deliveries etc. This switch can operate from the telephone handset or a wall mounted switch inside the house.

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