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Considering automating an existing metal or wooden gate?

ALLGATES Automation have 25 years experience of installing a wide range of gate automation systems across Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire.

We install automation systems for all types of domestic metal and wooden gates, both new and existing. Different gate operators are used depending on the gate size and weight, its use and duty cycle.

Underground Gate Operators

This operator is situated below ground, aligned to to the gate hinge and is virtually invisible enhancing the look of both metal and wooden swing entrance gates. Silent and unobtrusive it is the ideal automation for decorative domestic gates. An option is available to open the gates to an opening of 170 degrees, making it ideal for sharp turning driveways. The underground mechanism is water proof ensuring long lasting reliability.

Underground Gate OperatorsAudio/Video Entry Systems
'On The Gate' Operator

This operator is installed on the back of the gate. It is considered to be a more economical way of automating the gate than using the underground model. It is popular for automating 'five bar' farm type gates whilst being equally suited to operate most metal and wooden gates.

On The Gate OperatorOn The Gate Operator
'Cranked Arm' Operator

An ideal operator to use for situations where the gate is hanging from the centre of the pillar and particularly for gates and pillars of special architectural value - it eliminates the need for removing brickwork or masonary to obtain the correct mounting dimensions as with the conventional 'on the gate' model.

Cranked Arm OperatorCranked Arm Operator

With each of the above operators the gates lock in the open and closed position from the action of the gate operator itself. A manual release is provided to open the gates in the event of a power failure or other emergency. Depending on the security required an electro-magnetic lock can be installed to give additional locking to the gate. Safety of Automatic Gates is paramount. We carry out on site Risk Assessments for all installations in accordance with recommended Health and Safety Practices.

All our Automation Systems are provided with a 2 year parts and labour warranty, subject to our standard terms and conditions.

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